Friday, 27 November 2009

Why are bluebells decreasing in Britain?

No reason for the title. No, there is a reason. I typed "W" into the box and that came up. I thought i'd keep it.
Right. Its been a while hasnt it? - Been writing for an actual website - will link once its up - so thats where i've been currently channeling my energy into (without sounding too much like Most Haunted)
Planning on doing a top songs/albums of the decade so to keep the interest here's what I've been listening to recently at this very cold, winter moment:

"Julie & The Moth Man" - Kasabian
B-Side for Underdog and opener in their current arena tour. This is a fantastic song and even better live. Almost better than Underdog. Not quite, but the unlikeliness of the situation makes it more exciting to proclaim.

A Certain Romance - Arctic Monkeys
With ...Dancefloor being a contender for song of the decade I've been listening to/playing along with this an awful lot. Good tune.

Crazy In Love - Snow Patrol
Ahh its a good'un. It should be terrible but just isn't. Ok, Gary Lightbody hasn't got the thighs or the bootyshaking just yet - but thats, quite frankly, reassuring. The original definitely is not top song of the deacade (NME)

The Universal - Blur
After releasing a mini Live album in The Sunday Times I had to get it. It includes the Hyde Park version of this, which i was at, and i still get tingly when i hear Damon shout "Londaaaan" before the last chorus. Classic song.

There you have it, and I've also discovered the bold button

Do you like it?


  1. i'm more of an italics 'kinda gal', you know?

  2. oh, I've heard of you lot before..