Friday, 27 November 2009

Why are bluebells decreasing in Britain?

No reason for the title. No, there is a reason. I typed "W" into the box and that came up. I thought i'd keep it.
Right. Its been a while hasnt it? - Been writing for an actual website - will link once its up - so thats where i've been currently channeling my energy into (without sounding too much like Most Haunted)
Planning on doing a top songs/albums of the decade so to keep the interest here's what I've been listening to recently at this very cold, winter moment:

"Julie & The Moth Man" - Kasabian
B-Side for Underdog and opener in their current arena tour. This is a fantastic song and even better live. Almost better than Underdog. Not quite, but the unlikeliness of the situation makes it more exciting to proclaim.

A Certain Romance - Arctic Monkeys
With ...Dancefloor being a contender for song of the decade I've been listening to/playing along with this an awful lot. Good tune.

Crazy In Love - Snow Patrol
Ahh its a good'un. It should be terrible but just isn't. Ok, Gary Lightbody hasn't got the thighs or the bootyshaking just yet - but thats, quite frankly, reassuring. The original definitely is not top song of the deacade (NME)

The Universal - Blur
After releasing a mini Live album in The Sunday Times I had to get it. It includes the Hyde Park version of this, which i was at, and i still get tingly when i hear Damon shout "Londaaaan" before the last chorus. Classic song.

There you have it, and I've also discovered the bold button

Do you like it?