Tuesday, 20 April 2010

The Big Pink - A Brief History of Love

It's amazing what a hit single can do for you.
No, it's amazing what Microsoft advertising can do.

There's one positive point to come out of 'The Marketing Argument'. We now know of 'The Big Pink'. 'Dominoes', the lead single, was an instant hit, culminating in an NME Award for 'Best Track' at the recent awards. The single most catchy song of last year paved the way for the album: 'A Brief History of Love'.

Opening with the spectacular 'Crystal Visions', we are instantly hit with what this band are capable of; sweeping synths greet aggressive bass-lines and agitated drums to merge into a wholly encompassing sound. It's this repeating theme that makes this band stand out, with sound that can be compared to an electronic Exit Calm, or an angry Verve.

Follow up single, 'Velvet', is a more sensitive, beautiful turn, but still with the powerful drum beat we've become used to with this band. There is a distance vastness to this album, but still with an emotional edge, a sensitivity that makes this album more warming, more attractive. This album calls out to listeners, it wants you to relate to it, it wants to be consumed. And that's exactly what happens. Every song on this album wants to be loved; like a small, scruffy dog.

It may have not achieved great success, I picked it up off the floor in the HMV sale (other music outlets are available) on an whim. It turned out to be a good move, and restored my faith in 'indie'. I thoroughly look forward to hearing the next album and anticipate a more developed, perhaps restrained sound.

But for now, this album is the talisman for in-perfect pop. It's raw, it's dangerous and even gives off a whiff of invincibility. And, that is why The Big Pink were one of the greatest discoveries of the last year, and, A Brief History of Love, one of the best albums of 2009.

Album Rating: 9/10

3 Top Songs:

1. Crystal Visions
2. Count Backwards From Ten
3. A Brief History of Love


  1. LOVE this review. Its a great album, Velvet being my favourite song by far. x

  2. i think you should post more xxx