Sunday, 11 October 2009


teeny tiny update folks.
good week all round, letter published in NME, I'm claiming moral high ground here, and blog mentioned on radio. I am now the single most publicized teenager in North West Norfolk. Looking forward to Mr Hudson + Calvin Harris this week and Rev + Makers next. Been tweeted By Jon McClure telling me he'll play requested B side at after gig show in car park as its my birthday. Top Stuff.
need to get to town soon to get new cds so can review some more, need to up the rate at which i do them now, and as i am not a fan of downloading - im so 21st century it hurts - i need the actual thing.

peace and love.


  1. can you please ask mr hudson how he gets his hair so white? - i'd really like to know.

    so true about downloading. i really want the mumford & sons album, as well as the temper trap, not sure what else to get at them moment... hmmm.

    i read your profile, i buy nme each week then complain for the rest of the week about it's overpriced nature/lack of readable content/ paper quality. i then go and buy the next issue.


  2. sam, you're my hero. you've fucking invincible boy! i plan to get you very drunk at cam's and encourage you to break another window for the lol factor. :)

  3. Dixie although Music is an art and as you said ,But didn't comment, that it can't be perfect. I diasagree as perfection is achieved only in the eye of the individual and in my eys perfection is achieved in thier album.